The life path of the Music Lover

Being moved as a listener and active participant in musical experiences is really special. So much so, that the music often defines our joy, passion or sorrow and wonder. We all do wonder how it is, that this emotional language transcends our ability to describe what we sense and know.

At the same time, music is a soundtrack to memories, it is also a framework for understanding why we are alive in the first place. It can bring us to our higher selves. It can bring us to the greatest power in the universe. It can also just be a good time in celebration and loving. At Significant we celebrate you, the music lover.

Here are some thoughts of what we’re up to and why. Feel free to comment.

What is a Significant Experience?

What is a Significant Experience?

Seems elementary doesn't it?  For our purposes, let's define it as an event, an encounter, an episode, an epiphany that impacts us emotionally, intellectually and most importantly spiritually to present us with opportunity for a life change. And it's a chance to use...