The middle of the Covid19 pandemic and all its disruptive turbulence it brought to the music and entertainment industry, seemed an unlikely time and perhaps poor business move to start a new recording label.  But the founder, Bill Mullin, is one to know that any market in transition is a highly charged opportunity for innovation and new directions. 

As a successful change-agent manager in the audio, video and musical products and solutions market, he also maintained a music-for-media publishing company, stemming back to his performing days. 

ZatJazz records is based in Kansas City, a special place with a rich jazz history and an active scene for new developing artists.  From Count Basie and Charlie Parker, innovators of jazz directions, to the current landmarks of UMKC jazz studies program, the American Jazz Museum and over 17 jazz venues across the city, jazz is being redefined and expanded.  

Izat jazz? Might be an expression of what the label seeks to have asked about its releases. Of course, styles may be clearly identifiable as one jazz genre or another, yet the label works have some new elements.  The label’s mission is to give the jazz and hybrids new contexts, new combined experiences and even new participation by the general public in America’s richest and deepest emotional music. American music with Country, Folk, Gospel, Blues, Rock, Soul and Jazz was born by the rivers of the heartland. They are all roots of Americana.  ZatJazz plans to add to the heartland legend with new gumbo, taco, BBQ, lasagna and other tasteful new music recipes.

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