Hi friends. I’m Traysee

Reaching for soothing
the Mind, Body & Soul
via Deep Jazz is my journey

“In world of chaos, struggle and challenges, I hope to bring some calm and resolve to my Family-Friends. That’s what I call the people who follow my music on social media, live performances and honestly on the street. Yes, I still play O’Hare airport corridors. I think you are that special to be like family.”

Traysee J. Leonard goes beyond the consumer mentality of having fans. He is focused on the world he can reach and relate to, seeing the real people listening. It could be a reflection on how happy to be humble he has been to be considered “The Sax Therapist”. Perhaps, it comes from his own strife of surviving drug addiction. Inside his music as his medium, is the affirmation of recovery and positivity.

The Sax Therapist moniker stemmed from his Chicago-land radio show on WYCA Rejoice 102.3, titled that, to be a therapeutic musical experience of solace. Remember Gospel means “good news”. Well, sometimes the good news in a major groove. Sure you can have some hot stones with your therapy, but you can get some hot workin’ out too.

Tapping contemporary breezin’ jazz moods, Traysee also does deep to explore electronica and some rootsy mixes to have soulful genre range.

On his first releases for Zatjazz Records, he is joined by Chieli Minucci of the innovative band Special EFX. Chieli saw how to complement the recordings with crafty players like Omar Hakim & Joel Rosenblatt on drums; Chris Fischer on keyboards; Gerald Brooks on bass and Jessica Lá Rel Anderson on vocals. Influenced by soul jazz masters like Grover Washington, The Sax Therapist had a mother who was singer herself, listening to Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Dionne Warwick, Nancy Wilson and Brazil 66 in the home.


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