Seems elementary doesn’t it?  For our purposes, let’s define it as an event, an encounter, an episode, an epiphany that impacts us emotionally, intellectually and most importantly spiritually to present us with opportunity for a life change. And it’s a chance to use big words!  Epiphany is a “duh” moment. Yea, I had an epiphany about epiphany. It’s when you realize a sudden insight that you should have realized long ago. What’s worse is you kind of knew it!  Well, then identify the insight to be more conscious of it. For just a moment, you can also think everyone else “got it”.

Significant experiences can be dangerous traumatic or otherwise destabilizing to make us regroup and assess reality in a renewed way.

A significant experience can also be enlightening awakening. It can be in rays of hope we can be imposing a pause to look at the scenery around us. It can start with a spark realizing there is more to life than your status quo every day. That spark can be your quiet conscious saying, “hey pay attention”.

Becoming more aware can be the paradigm shifting that causes a rush of adrenaline, endorphins, serotonin and dopamine, to what you may realize is the very chemical cocktail you mix within this vessel we call our body.

Then, you may come to seeing how you can master your emotions — not neglect them, for they are huge intuitive indicators, if not acting as canaries in the coal mine. The aim is to know how to use the signs our smart body may have over our consciousness.

I have had the opportunity to work for or produce with some fine folks. I’ve included them into my networked artist section of the website I call the artist colony. It’s going to be an expanding network.

In this podcast, I will be the questioning voice and hopefully, the revealing co-traveler making sense of the significant experience in my life. I have a project underway titled “The Messengers” and I will be delivering context to that content, if not delivering a virtual musical theater or one man show of it. Or not so one man show. I will even plant episodes or scenes across various social or digital media platforms.

I’ve reached connecting dots of significant experiences in my life by examination, prompted by the imposed or sometimes seeking explanations.

Besides the music presentation, we’ll talk about experience design as well as life-design or at least life stage preparation.

Not only will my experiences be examples, much of what I have to offer comes from many books that serve to guide in forming a frame of mind, principles and belief system. Belief systems or missions, as some would say, drive all human endeavors.  Mine, borrowed and learned, led to my own material success and integrity. That success is in the giving.  Giving all you’ve got, my wife would attest.

But this is not a get-rich-quick course. After all the definition of rich is up to you.  The selection or gift of talents, the opportunities you create from what is in front of you, to apply those talents or learning-to-learn… it adds up to your total assets of worth.  Your net value to others, has the greatest form of exchange… it’s not dollars or bitcoin. It’s called responsibility.  We’ll explore how those layers of responsibility become your main bank account. And you will not miss the power source of the Lord being a guiding light, a shield and fan, especially when you are not your own.

I can’t give you all the details of what will explore in the coming series, but I can start with this basic truth that what you imagine and pray for, you become and creates your reality.  In that, the praying for others and imagining serving others is way more effective than thinking you will magically be gifted for your desires.  What you do to move in the direction of a positive vision of achieving other’s benefits is all up to you. I’m imagining my blogging and podcasts will move people. That’s what I want for you.

I will not be asking you to take my significant experiences to replicate them in anyway. My storytelling or unpacking things or professing is only for you to look for, find in pieces and make note of your own significant experiences.

Please be patient, the series is coming. I simply needed to tell Dave Hooper of Build A Better Website the address to embed this first blog and podcast into the new website for Significant Media and Music. This is Bill Mullin signing off for now.  I’ll be with you soon discovering significance!