Augmenting your Brand
with Consulting

For Audio-Video & Music brand elevation, eco-system development, channel management, and professional strategic guidance, two areas may be of interest to you in our services offer.

Consulting services for music, media, audio video and unified communications solutions.

When it comes to insight and capabilities to help guide a strategically important communications technology project or organizational direction, Significant Media has a track record of identifying and facilitating innovation. From Eco-System building, to market development, channel management and most important user experience design, all aspects of Significant enterprise specialties have a quality and continuity to reach your desired outcomes.

Major brands like Barco, Zoom, Sony, Yamaha, Logitech, Bosch and Polycom have relied on Significant’s Chief Analyst, Bill Mullin for the launch and sustaining growth of many solutions.

From discovery via auditing, to deployments and delighting your valued customers, viewers, listeners partners and stakeholders, our mission is to make you Significant.

As a company with desire to transform your communications platform through your entire partner, supplier, channel and end-user Eco-System, augmenting your resources can help you sharpen your strategy-to-execution.

For a successful outcome, we use our 5D Design principles of Discover-Determine-Design- Develop-Deploy with delight.
Transformation over transactions is our creed.
Make your business operation and your creative offer transform for the lives they touch.

Bill is an exceptional thinker and problem solver. He understands the business aspects of a problem, solves it with an engineering mindset and scale it with detailed processes. I had the opportunity to personally work him to incubate a Professional Services arrangement that became a successful global program. Bill’s attention to details, overall strategy and hiring to scale are quite exemplary. He is also one of those rare business partners that you know will always help and be trusted to follow through. I thank him for our business partnership and friendship.
Nick Chong

Global Head, ZOOM

If you want your rock band to be famous, you need a drummer with great rhythm; If you want your emerging product to be famous, you need a techno-evangelist who lives in the future. Bill Mullin is both. Bill was among the very first people shown Mediasite as a prototype. His advice and perspective proved prescient and has remained so on all projects ever since. Bill is grounded in the present while always being the first to know what is next. Mullin is tuned into both the art and the science of corporate leadership making him an invaluable partner for anyone who intends constructive disruption.
Sean Brown

Sonic Foundry

Some people stand out from the crowd. Bill does it both literally and figuratively speaking. I had the pleasure to work with Bill in bringing ClickShare to the US market. Bill is blessed to have the rare combination of both the creative, artistic talent, as well as the analytical and entrepreneurial spirit. The productivity of Bill and his team is amazing. Bill is a passionate and very hard worker that just goes for it, all the way. If I would have to describe Bill’s attitude in one phrase then it would be “what you see is what you get” which I really appreciate about him. I certainly hope you also have the opportunity to work with him.
Yoav Nir

Inventor, Barco Clickshare

From Philadelphia Business Journal interview:
Richards credits Bill Mullin, the CEO of Starin Marketing, as having the biggest impact on his career “Bill helped us grow our business significantly,” said Richards. “He became my mentor at a time when I really needed advice and guidance in my career. Bill and I share a love for God and responsibility for the people we work with. While I can be overly ambitious and driven by profits at times, Bill has taught me to look inward and remember that God is always with us, looking over our shoulders. Bill taught me that it’s always OK to ask for help. Asking for help has been the best way for me to grow, personally and professionally. I am truly blessed to have had a mentor find me at a time when I may not have realized how much the relationship would mean in hindsight.”
Paul Richards

Director, Haverford Systems & PTZ Optics

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