Hey there,
I’m Bill Mullin

Technology & the Art of story-telling
through music drive my purpose

“I am best known for my communications technology market development and then my music publishing. What I used to move people to see the merits of innovations and unique solutions that would serve them greater, was always in a story form and illustration. They could see themselves in the picture. Having a clarity of how the brands I was fortunate to work with, might address and improve a person’s situation, was my mission. So, I’m now focused on bringing that to my own artistry and the artistry of others in this artist collaborative and ecosystem of supporters.”

Bill Mullin strives for quality and significance. Songs, shows or any media does not have to be a mega-hit chasing the common denominators the formulaic factories churn out. The quest is one of how the music “hits” people where they live. Does it move them? That is his definition of a hit. “I want my music to go beyond simply some minor differentiation and so I tend to be style-challenging myself and myth-busting.”

“Today, music needs context. My music has themes wrapped around it, that I hope lift people up and helps them be better or at least get through this tough life. Then, music needs stories, visuals and especially experiences to drive the positive impressions into making a difference. I advocate the creative spirit we find ourselves in during the creation and experiencing of our works is directly tied to the Creator.  As an artist who is Christian, in Christ, it’s my responsibility to shine the light of possibilities. I hope you like the music. I pray it makes a difference to you. The greatest art is the Art of Living.”


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