Library Results for Volume "Silicon Valley Symphony"

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Track Name
1) Chemical Reaction
4:10 High energy
2) When you take a stand
3:04 Bold Strong
3) Make every minute count
3:29 Brisk baroque
4) Lake Shore Drive
3:35 Mellow churning groove
5) Seldom Blue
3:07 flowing melody
6) Proton, Neutron, Hiptron
3:25 funky to upbeat
7) Parrallel Lines Intersect
3:02 Smooth Jazzy
8) Eureka I found it!
2:54 lively jumpin
9) Meanwhile back at the lab
3:12 Pulsating, driving
10) With the naked eye
3:53 Easy gentle
11) Patience,Time & Patience
3:46 melodic
12) Enchanted Sidetrip
3:46 melodic
13) Pomp & circuitry
3:31 Regal light
14) Ghost in the Chips
3:16 Spooky to dramatic
15) The Acquisition Defense
4:22 Suspenseful