Library Results for Style "New Age"

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Track Name
A Farmer's Will 4:20 Quiet,Soothing
A Small Sacrifice 2:44 Intricate soft piano
An Overview of Strength 3:41 Slow to propelling
Archeology 2:46 Exotic,Rhythmic,mystery
Around the Bend-Reprise 1:54 Earnest,Calm
As For Us 3:50 Slow sturdy tuneful
Brilliant Sunrise 3:03 Natural pleasant
Cambria in the Pines 4:12 Serene,Pretty
Canyon Ride 5:24 Easy going
Come To Life 2:45 Whistful light
Dusk on Macinaw 2:13 Intimate,Quiet
Everyone's Equal 3:49 Gently rolling piano
Evolution 4:00 Exotic sonic textures
Evolution Alt 3:20 w/o lead
Family 2:29 Positive light piano
Flames of Victory 1:30 Slow intensly heroic
Force of gravity 3:23 Soft contemplative
Fortitude discovered 3:58 Authoritative
Gotham City 4:00 Mysterious to propelling
Great Divide 2:16 Expansive,Passionate
How Will We Know? 3:54 Soft tender
I Remember Well 3:03 Twinkling
In The Presence Greatness 1:56 Lilting happily
Internal Focus 3:57 Reflective
Irish Lament 4:02 Serene, ethereal
It's Up To You 3:46 Quiet moving
Lift Your Hearts 2:36 Light piano
Looking Out For The Bears 3:19 Light determined melodic
Memories of the frontier 3:14 Solmen peaceful
Path to the Past 1:51 Ramblin',Folksy
Pure Water 4:08 Slowly well stated to trickling
Source of Creativity 2:52 Soft conclusive
Steep Climb 4:45 Soft easy
Teach Me 2:56 Intimate
The Land Beyond Words 2:27 Reflective,Serene Piano
The Land Beyond Words-Alt 1:56 Reflective,Serene Piano
The Race is Won 4:24 Assertive, easy pulsing
The Voice Within 3:44 Spacious soft
The Waiting 4:33 Light to determined
The Way 4:49 Mellow Ac Gtr
Trail Mix 2:00 Western,Outdoors
Universal Langu-Reprise 3:32 Light,Easy-going
Victory Reflections 4:02 Gentle, pensive
Who Can Tell 4:21 Delicate gentle
Winner takes all 3:46 Pretty, majestic
Your time has come 3:09 Strong,Pensive,Slow
Your time has come-Alt 1:32 Strong,Pensive,Slow
Circles 2:11 Smooth,New age pattern
Enchanted Sidetrip 3:46 melodic
Jerimiah 6:07 Quiet introspective
Journey 4:26 Gentle
Mist & fog 4:45 Strong slow
More Memories 3:10 Emotional,Introspective
Patience,Time & Patience 3:46 melodic
Rekindled 2:45 Romantic,Airy
Return to Utopia 5:13 Ethereal,Light, Mellow
Rivers 5:26 Light to dramatic
The eyes have it 4:04 Poignant soft
The same is new again 2:00 Floating ethereal
What dreams are made of 4:05 Light airy
When all is said & done 5:11 Moody jazz
Wilderness Trail 4:58 Outdoors,Mellow,Echoes
Winds of Tibet 4:26 Exotic pulsating
11th Hour 7:24 Light/Building/Circular/Dramatic middle
Alpha & Omega 4:44 Reflective thoughtful
Back Home 3:40 Bluesy
Biff Bogardts Bump 3:55 Mellow,Drifting
Blue Afternoon 3:47 Bluesy studied
Candles and Mirrors 4:23 Meandering,Hypnotic
Canyon Ghost Town 1:44 Solemn,Haunting,Peaceful,Outdoors
Changing Tides 19:25 Sustaining chanted chords
Child's Play 1:19 Meandering
Coloring Pad 4:05 Serene atmospheric
Dawn of 7th Year 4:03 Contemplative guitar
Discovery 3:40 Electrronic dreamlike
Elephant Walk 3:13 slow tentative
Eternal Flame 3:52 Turning winding
Farewell Again 1:30 Resolute
First Snow 4:18 Reflective slow
Her Hymn 2:23 Nice and light
Inside a Memory 3:52 Serene,Moving,Placid
Japan 3:01 Upbeat
Lizzy's Dream 3:29 Softy running
Look Over Yonder 3:50 Breezy,Light
Malagra 3:09 Serious refined
Mineral Springs Aura 5:00 Mystic,Mellow,Light,Serene
Minor Point 4:03 Soft contemplative
Mood Creation 3:12 Gentle deliberate
Morning Sun 2:09 Concerted wandering
Mr. Balloon Bounce 2:58 Folksy,Country guitar
New Beginnings 2:33 Lilting light arpeggios
Perfect Harmony 5:15 Ethereal aura
Prehistoric Land 3:36 Ominous,Free-flowing,African,Acoustic
Rachaels Journey 3:31 Moody moving introspective
Resolved Within 11:24 Netherworldy
Skeeter Rump 2:46 Poppin' groove
SOS 6:18 Funky
Speculation 3:44 Building firm
Suggestion in Mind 20:02 Piano solitude in slow clouds
Technology's Our Friend 2:38 Eerie,Electronic