Library Results for Style "Effect"

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Track Name
Beat wreck :04 Wild Drums
Bell tree Shimmer :06 Bell tree glide
Bells Ascend :04 Glisando
Brass Attack :04 Horns quick
Breaking the Barrier :13 Jet propulsion
Chimes Ascend :03 Chime glide
Fade away :07 Church organ off a cliff
Fanfare #1 :06 Grand entrance horns
Fanfare #2 :04 Horn announcement
Final Point :06 Punctuator
Glide Path :04 Rising Zong
Guitar Crash :07 Wacko bending guitar
Harp Gliss :07 Heavenly
Horn & Tympany :08 Triuphant
Horn Resolve :05 F horns slow
In a Flash :05 Three closing chords
It's Today :03 Speedy ascending
Just a Break :08 Resoultion chords
Laser Zap :02 Zomps
Let's Go :05 Zapping drum roll
Lighter Image :04 Dreammy tones
Microwave :05 Zinging down
Mr Moog Said :05 Rising Zing
Multiplexer :21 Mega chordal glide
Narrowcast :04 Zaps
Noise Landing :08 Trainling zinger
Orchestra Climb :06 Orchestra steps ups
Orchestra Glide :05 Orchestra climbing scale
Orchestra Hits :04 Orchestra stabs
Piano Slide :03 Slide down
Pitz Rise :04 Zipidy up
Pop Ups :04 Gurgle up
Quick Cut :02 Fast ascend
Rise & Hover :08 Rising gleem
Rock Slide :05 Drumm sweep
Run Up Ending :07 Fast run up & statement
Running Up :03 Scampering strings
Scurry :04 Scurring strings
Searing Sting :04 Sting
Sign On :06 Staggerred notes
Stay Tuned :06 2 Harp tones
Stormfront :11 White noise rumbling
Sunrise-2 :07 Revealing swell
Swell :06 Heavenly chord
The End :02 Horn punctuation
There, Stay Tuned :07 4 Harp tones
Twin Sparkles :16 Ching up
Two Pair :05 Four tones
Uh, Oh :03 Zany
Zappin' Vapor :04 Zaps