Library Results for Style "Classical"

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Track Name
A Low Point 2:31 Plaintive,Reflective,Slow
A Pinnacle few have Seen 1:22 Grand,Fanfare
Carol 2:35 Grandeur,Beauty,Panoramic
Ceremony in the Cap.-Alt. 1:26 Trumpet fanfare,Brass only
Ceremony in the Capitol 5:26 Trumpet fanfare,Martial
Discernment 3:07 Pensive,Mellow
Free as the wind 2:38 Pastoral - Orchestral
Heavens Gift 1:35 Methodical heavenly
Intrinsic Rewards 2:51 Positive,Assuring
Living for Every Moment 2:49 Brisk,Lively
Mozart Sonata K-333 5:33 Bright,Intricate
Next Generation 3:48 Refined,Sophisticated
Set Aside Time 4:09 Reflective,Soft
Shifting the Paradigm 3:12 Confident,Involving
Simple Praise 3:02 Gentle chimes to madrigal like
The Pinnacle Retrospect 2:46 Resolute,Confident,Uptempo
The Work will Teach 3:19 Light,Engaging
Ghost in the Chips 3:16 Spooky to dramatic
Look beyond 4:54 Slow heavy serious
Make every minute count 3:29 Brisk baroque
Pomp & circuitry 3:31 Regal light
The Acquisition Defense 4:22 Suspenseful
Back Home Again 2:30 Romantic, Fond
Blue Afternoon 3:47 Bluesy studied
Child's Play 1:19 Meandering
Christmas Present :44 Montage of orchestral
Extraordinary People 4:17 Classical,Light,Romantic
Farewell Again 1:30 Resolute
Great Plains 4:54 Pastoral,Romantic,Spingtime
Her Hymn 2:23 Nice and light
I Believed 4:04 Confident quiet strength
Lizzy's Dream 3:29 Softy running
Malagra 3:09 Serious refined
Minor Point 4:03 Soft contemplative
Morning Sun 2:09 Concerted wandering
New Beginnings 2:33 Lilting light arpeggios
Pilgrimage 4:11 Grand open,Processional, Majestic middle
Quiet Spirit 2:43 Thoughtful,Classical,Studied
Rachaels Journey 3:31 Moody moving introspective
River Song 1:22 Poignant, sensitive, sad
Strife & Glory 3:54 Eastern European,Minor
The unknown 1:20 Tension & suspense
Understanding Care 4:57 Light,Dramatic
Be Right Bach :09 Proper baroque
Deliver Us 2:52 Slow,Solemn
Deliver Us V12 2:32 Slow,Solemn
For all the Right Reasons 3:04 Wistful,Romantic
In a Minuete :05 Harpsichordal stately
Night Flight 2:05 Intricate