Library Results for Style "Action"

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Track Name
Above and Beyond 4:40
Adrenaline 2:13
Advance-Decline 2:59 Emphatic & sturdy
Advance-Decline Alt 1:59 Emphatic & sturdy
Are You Ready for This 3:26
Artisans at Work 3:35 Cinematic,Orchestral
Artisans at Work-Alt. 1:21 Cinematic,Orchestral
Big Victory 3:05 Triumphant,Forwardness
California Samba 5:14 Energetic,Hustlin'
California Samba-Alt. 3:43 Energetic,Hustlin'(w/o sax)
Carry it forward 7:52 Uplifting, marching on
Champions 2:47
Chase 2:04
Chesterton 3:05 Unleashed power
Chesterton Alt 2:32 Unleashed power
Cruising 2:01
Do That 3:30
Donegal 3:09 Urgency & dignity
Donegal Alt 2:23 Urgency & dignity
Down Groove 3:30
Down Groove-remix 3:30
Emergency Alert 1:36 Powerful urgency
Energy 2:05
Escalation 3:42
Europa 2:23
Expresso 3:42
Face the Challenge 2:48 Strong,Active,Suspenseful
Face the Challenge-Alt. 1:39 Same as above,Less orchestration
Fast Moves 2:11 Quick cut,Competitive, Orchestration
Fast Moves-Alt 1:35 Quick cut,Competitive, less instruments
FeverPitch 2:09
Freedom 4:07
Global View 3:05 Intrique, allure, intensity
Global View Alt 1:11 Intrique, allure, intensity
Gonna Make You Dance 3:03
Heavy battle to dawn 1:54
Higher Ground 3:02 Scaling energetic heights
Higher Ground Alt 2:12 Scaling energetic heights
Highway Getaway 1:18
Hybrid House Hop 2:41
Jam on It 2:58
Live at the Roxy 3:22 Spirited,Hearty rock
Living Every Moment-Alt 1:36 Lively,Brisk,Less brass
Living for Every Moment 5:09 Lively,Upbeat,Contemporary
Malibu Drive 4:12 Driving,Smooth & positive
Malibu Drive-Alt. 2:35 Driving,Smooth & positive(w/o sax/gtr solo)
NRG on the floor 3:32
Olympic Torch 1:32 Rousing, driving
Overcomers 2:05
Phenomena 3:10 Riveting exciting
Phenomena Alt 3:10 Riveting exciting
Pick Up Speed 2:52 Easy pace to propelling
Pick Up Speed Alt 1:30 Easy pace to propelling
Platonic Philos 3:21
Progressing Forward 2:17
Pump It Up 2:16
Racer's Edge 2:44 Dynamic,Exciting Orchestration
Racer's Edge-Alt 1:23 Dynamic,Exciting, less instruments
Redemption 4:22
Rise to the Challenge 3:00 Strong but pleasant
Rise to the Challenge Alt 3:00 Strong but pleasant
Santa Barbara 3:05 Bright compelling
Santa Barbara Alt 1:50 Bright compelling
Sell the Phisz 3:49 Driving,Punctuating
Sell the Phisz-Alt. 1:14 Driving,Punctuating
Sports Final 4:03 Fast energetic
Technology to the rescue 4:12 High tech treatment
The Charge 1:34 Bold, confident
The Chase 4:51 Quick-paced,Lively
The Chase-Alt. 2:12 Quick-paced,Lively(w/o sax/syth solo)
The sorcery brews 1:20
The Summit 2:25 Digified, important
The Whole World Watches 3:51 Punchy, challenging
Thunderin' Herd 3:01 Grand,Orchestrated
Thunderin' Herd-Alt 2:24 Grand,Orchestrated
Tight Rope 3:45
Time Bomb 3:22
Tribal Tech 3:51
Triple Threat 3:48 Prestigious,Orchestral
Uncommon Times 4:58 Dynamic,Challenging
Uncommon Times-Alt. 1:31 Same as above,Less brass
Up 'n Adam 4:33 Hip,Spirited
Up 'n Adam-Alt. 2:52 Hip,Spirited(w/o sax/piano solo)
What Say What 3:11
Around the Bend 3:32 Cruising,Light
Athletic Ability 2:39 Surging,Positive workout
Awesomeness in Abundance 2:42 Heavy funk,Rapper's delight Horn band
Chemical Reaction 4:10 High energy
Cherokee Chief 4:03 Rockin' intensity
Cherokee Chief-Alt. 2:14 Rockin' intensity(w/o lead gtr)
Competitive Advantage 3:15 Firm & confident
Dominion 2:38 Exhilarating,Suspenseful
Dominion-Alt 1:49 Exhilarating,Suspenseful, less instruments
Memphis Groove-Alt. 2:50 Strong,Funky(w/o sax)
Nightbeat 2:38 Dramatic,Busy,Hustlin
No pain, No gain 2:37 Uptempo,Striving,Determined
No pain, No gain-Alt. 1:28 Striving,Determined,Less brass
On Time Delivery 4:29 Fast action
On Time Delivery-Alt 1:48 Fast action
Patent Pending 2:17 Grand,Technical