Library Results for Mood "Scenic"

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Track Name
Across the wide open 5:02 rolling traveling
Around the Bend-Reprise 1:54 Earnest,Calm
Country Comforts 2:26 Light,Orchestrated
Country Comforts-Alt 1:33 Light,Orchestrated
Cross Country 2:50 Easy Traveling,Scenic
Cross Country-Alt 1:41 Easy Traveling,Scenic
Flying West 2:43 Rockin,Western,Kickin'
Golden Fields 3:30 intimate springlike
Great Divide 2:16 Expansive,Passionate
Hiking Up North 3:14 Gentle positive pickin
On the Lake 2:14 Light,Outdoors
On the Lake-Alt 1:17 Light,Outdoors
Path to the Past 1:51 Ramblin',Folksy
Trail Mix 2:00 Western,Outdoors
Travelin' Light 3:09 Mod. country,Moving
Travelin' Light-Alt 2:14 Mod. country,Moving
Wheels Beat Walkin' 2:26 Light,Breezy,Bouncing
Winner takes all 3:46 Pretty, majestic
Around the Bend 3:32 Cruising,Light
Blue Skies 3:19 Confident
Far Away Friends 3:24 Great outdoors,Fresh air
In the moment 3:57 Easy going swaying
Let it shine 3:53 Mellow, soft
Seldom Blue 3:07 flowing melody
Wilderness Trail 4:58 Outdoors,Mellow,Echoes
Beautiful home 4:02 Lush, pretty
Look Over Yonder 3:50 Breezy,Light
Open Road 3:02 Light,Open spaces
This Country 2:33 Traveling,Light,Rural