Library Results for Mood "Powerful"

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Track Name
Advance-Decline 2:59 Emphatic & sturdy
Advance-Decline Alt 1:59 Emphatic & sturdy
Carry it forward 7:52 Uplifting, marching on
Chesterton 3:05 Unleashed power
Chesterton Alt 2:32 Unleashed power
Emergency Alert 1:36 Powerful urgency
Excess in control 3:18 Quick crunch
Excess in control-Alt. 2:02 Quick crunch-basic
Fast Moves 2:11 Quick cut,Competitive, Orchestration
Fast Moves-Alt 1:35 Quick cut,Competitive, less instruments
Glad just to be alive 3:49 Galloping rockin
Glad just to be alive-Alt 2:08 Galloping rockin-basic
Global View 3:05 Intrique, allure, intensity
Global View Alt 1:11 Intrique, allure, intensity
Headbanger 3:01 Intense metal
Headbanger-Alt. 2:23 Intense metal-basic
Holdin On 0 Grinding, pounding quick
Manhattan 3:00 Heavy,Churning,Plodding
Mega tonage 2:57 Heavy duty
Mega tonage-Alt. 1:54 Heavy duty-basic
On a mission 5:11 Urgent action
On a mission-Alt. 1:39 Urgent action-basic
Phenomena 3:10 Riveting exciting
Phenomena Alt 3:10 Riveting exciting
Pick Up Speed 2:52 Easy pace to propelling
Pick Up Speed Alt 1:30 Easy pace to propelling
Racer's Edge 2:44 Dynamic,Exciting Orchestration
Racer's Edge-Alt 1:23 Dynamic,Exciting, less instruments
Reaching Critical Mass 4:27 Hard driving
Reaching Critical Mass-Alt 2:24 Hard driving-basic
Revenge 0 Strong, heavy, driving
Santa Barbara 3:05 Bright compelling
Santa Barbara Alt 1:50 Bright compelling
Spartikus 0 Plodding power
The Charge 1:34 Bold, confident
Thunderin' Herd 3:01 Grand,Orchestrated
Thunderin' Herd-Alt 2:24 Grand,Orchestrated
Toy Soldiers 3:17 Heavy,Treading
Triple Threat 3:48 Prestigious,Orchestral
Waiting for the sun 0 Builds to deliberate, firm strength
Chemical Reaction 4:10 High energy
Dominion 2:38 Exhilarating,Suspenseful
Dominion-Alt 1:49 Exhilarating,Suspenseful, less instruments
Hard Ride 3:32 Serious strong
Hard Ride-Alt 1:08 Serious strong
Make every minute count 3:29 Brisk baroque
When you take a stand 3:04 Bold Strong
Big Bad Rock Machine 3:40 Heavy,Awesome,Fanfare to rock groove
Cryin out loud 0 Slow, smashing anthem
Data File 2:17 Lively,Techno-Rock
Get It Out by Friday 3:54 Exciting,Hot
Rivers 0 Churning slow power
Super Conductor 4:43 Electronic,Melodic,Churning
Where did we go 0 Heavy, churning