Library Results for Mood "Pastoral"

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Track Name
Brilliant Sunrise 3:03 Natural pleasant
Dusk on Macinaw 2:13 Intimate,Quiet
Faith 2:12 Soft waltz with stirring accents
Free as the wind 2:38 Pastoral - Orchestral
Great Divide 2:16 Expansive,Passionate
Intrinsic Rewards 2:51 Positive,Assuring
Memories of the frontier 3:14 Solmen peaceful
The Way 4:49 Mellow Ac Gtr
The Work will Teach 3:19 Light,Engaging
Winner takes all 3:46 Pretty, majestic
Morning in Snowmass 3:23 Outdoors ,Mellow,Rural
Autumn 3:11 Serene,Beautiful,Soft
Back Home Again 2:30 Romantic, Fond
Be 2:44 Soft,Gentle,Lullaby
Great Plains 4:54 Pastoral,Romantic,Spingtime
I Believed 4:04 Confident quiet strength
River Song 1:22 Poignant, sensitive, sad
Understanding Care 4:57 Light,Dramatic