Library Results for Mood "Happy"

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Track Name
Hawaii Bound 4:22 Carefree bouncy
On the Way 2:04 Happy,Lyrical
Ramblin thru the Smokies 2:50 Country acoustic,Rolling
Keep On 2:50 Groovin dance drive
Keep On Alt 1:24 Groovin dance drive
Kid Stuff 3:14 Whimsical,Peppy
A Better Mousetrap 1:37 Bouncing,Light
Arcade in the Sun 2:54 Bright,Light
Doo Wah 2:30 Light-hearted
Doo Wah-Alt 1:29 Light-hearted
Ocean City 4:19 Good feelin',Light
Ocean City-Alt 1:59 Good feelin',Light
To be Frank 3:10 Peppy,Light
Bearnie the Bear 3:38 Cute breezy shuffle
Bearnie the Bear-Alt 2:40 Cute breezy shuffle
Choo Choo Train 3:28 Shining steam engine ride
Milkman Bill 4:01 Happy, wholesome
Santa's Sleigh 3:06 Jolly toyland frolic
Santa's Sleigh-Alt 3:06 Music Box
Tick Tock Song 3:02 Whimsical syncopation