Library Results for Mood "Festive"

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Track Name
California Samba 5:14 Energetic,Hustlin'
California Samba-Alt. 3:43 Energetic,Hustlin'(w/o sax)
High Society 4:35 Moving Groove
Latin Moves-Alt. 2:15 Spanish intensity basics
San Francisco 4:57 Upbeat international w/alt.
San Francisco-Alt. 4:57 Upbeat International basics
The Castle 1:53 Madrigal medievil
Tropical fun 3:42 Lively, exciting
Late & Live 2:25 Galloping good time Horn band
Late & Live-Alt 1:15 Galloping good time less instruments
Word of Mouth 2:34 Footloose,Up,Spunky
Word of Mouth-Alt 1:08 Footloose,Up,Spunky, less instruments
Seasons Greetings 2:04 Grand,Chiming,Christmas-like