Library Results for Mood "Ethereal"

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Track Name
An Overview of Strength 3:41 Slow to propelling
Created in His Image 1:53 Quiet & gentle with bold undertone
Dreamer 2:40 Whispy harp & bells
Force of gravity 3:23 Soft contemplative
Irish Lament 4:02 Serene, ethereal
King of Kings 3:58 We 3 kings with sulllen underscore
Circles 2:11 Smooth,New age pattern
Enchanted Sidetrip 3:46 melodic
More Memories 3:10 Emotional,Introspective
Patience,Time & Patience 3:46 melodic
Return to Utopia 5:13 Ethereal,Light, Mellow
The same is new again 2:00 Floating ethereal
Canyon Ghost Town 1:44 Solemn,Haunting,Peaceful,Outdoors
Mineral Springs Aura 5:00 Mystic,Mellow,Light,Serene
Perfect Harmony 5:15 Ethereal aura