Library Results for Mood "Dramatic"

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Track Name
A Low Point 2:31 Plaintive,Reflective,Slow
Above and Beyond 4:40
Carol 2:35 Grandeur,Beauty,Panoramic
Heavens Gift 1:35 Methodical heavenly
Next Generation 3:48 Refined,Sophisticated
Overcomers 2:05
Pick Up Speed 2:52 Easy pace to propelling
Pick Up Speed Alt 1:30 Easy pace to propelling
Royal Resolution 2:50 Graceful refined
Royal Resolution Alt 1:11 Graceful refined
The Race is Won 4:24 Assertive, easy pulsing
Tribute to a Hero 3:02 Solmen pride
Your time has come 3:09 Strong,Pensive,Slow
Your time has come-Alt 1:32 Strong,Pensive,Slow
Competitive Advantage 3:15 Firm & confident
Ghost in the Chips 3:16 Spooky to dramatic
Look beyond 4:54 Slow heavy serious
Pomp & circuitry 3:31 Regal light
The Acquisition Defense 4:22 Suspenseful
Train's on Time 3:19 Pleasing tone,Churning