Library Results for Mood "Cool"

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Track Name
Barcelona Streets 4:03 Driving smooth w/2 alt. Versions
Coastal Breeze 3:34 Chugging cool
Coastal Breeze Alt 3:34 Chugging cool
Feelin' Good 5:17 Funky shuffle
Give and Take 4:25 Up & active w/alt.
Grace & Glory 3:45 Strong funk grooove
Grace & Glory -Alt 1:07 Strong funk grooove
Lights Out Chicago 3:02 Cool slow
Northwest Passages 4:00 Bouncy upbeat
Northwest Passages Alt 4:00 Bouncy upbeat
Smokin' Joe 3:05 Earthy funk shuffle
Smooth Sailin' 5:16 Groovin' cool confidence
Smooth Sailin'-Alt. 3:33 Groovin' cool confidence(w/o sax/gtr solo)
So Good 3:43 Positive funk w/alt.
Spring of Joy 4:07 Moving easy
Spring of Joy Alt 4:07 Moving easy
Walkin Soft 4:05 Strollin groove w/alt.
Awesomeness in Abundance 2:42 Heavy funk,Rapper's delight Horn band
I-94 3:03 Hip,Jazz Sax/band
I-94-Alt 1:09 Hip,Jazz, less instruments
Mr. Smooth 4:20 Cool groove
Mr. Smooth-Alt. 2:14 Cool groove(w/o sax/gtr)
One Point Five 4:03 Electric beat
What's up with that 2:28 Grinding
Goodbye Malibu 0 Euro-electro glide
On Target 2:36 Light
Street Smart 3:18 Cool
Supply & Demand 4:02 Hustling,Energy