Library Results for Volume "AmazingAmusement-Spirit"

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Track Name
1) Wide open love
2:21 Peaceful definative orchestration
2) Created in His Image
1:53 Quiet & gentle with bold undertone
3) Dreamer
2:40 Whispy harp & bells
4) Faith
2:12 Soft waltz with stirring accents
5) Genesis
1:29 Sailing smooth tone with rushing undercurrent
6) Heaven and Earth
:33 Suspended airy with punctual punches
7) Heavens Gift
1:35 Methodical heavenly
8) King of Kings
3:58 We 3 kings with sulllen underscore
9) Majesty and Glory
:55 Declarative light strings
10) Simple Praise
3:02 Gentle chimes to madrigal like
11) Sound of the trumpets
3:00 Dramatic soaring to challenging
12) The Castle
1:53 Madrigal medievil
13) Window to the Soul
2:38 Minimal light & lutey