Library Results for Style "Short"

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Track Name
After this :11 Friendly light transition
Afternoon :22 Upbeat happy intro
Animals :17 Jungle mood
Be Right Bach :09 Proper baroque
Beat wreck :04 Wild Drums
Boingo :09 Upbeat groovy
Caribbean Trip :08 Hip-hop glide
Celebration bash :15 Energetic Rockin
Celestial Tides :59 Ethereal warm slow
Christmas Soon :13 Sweet
Circles-2 :30
Cross Country-2 :21
Elton Intro :25 Light to bold intro
Expanding Universe :57 Bubbling electronic sequence
Fade away :07 Church organ off a cliff
Fanfare #1 :06 Grand entrance horns
Fanfare #2 :04 Horn announcement
Final Point :06 Punctuator
Flying West-2 :26
Fresh & hot :10 Funky fun
Fun Funk :15 Good time festive
FutureLand 1:44 Drifting in cosmic sea
Get busy :20 Attention getting w/accents
Gone Not Forgotten 1:36 Dreamy floating
Good friends :20 Smooth shuffle groove
Goodnight all :10 Reggae
Guitar Crash :07 Wacko bending guitar
Hip hop don't stop :13 Low down funky
Hit TV :15 Fast & flashy
Hoe Down Disco :20 Turkey in the straw euro-dance
Holiday getaway :17 Fun in the sun
I 94-2 :30
In a Flash :05 Three closing chords
In a Minuete :05 Harpsichordal stately
In your face bass :22 Rap groove
Irish Siren Calls :14 Floating mysterious
Irish Siren Recalls :14 Floating mysterious Electro-pattern
It's a groove :17 Hip Hop Heavy
It's Today :03 Speedy ascending
Just a Break :08 Resoultion chords
Keep on rockin :16 Heavy pulse rock
Kick Back Relax :18 Upbeat delightful
Let's Go :05 Zapping drum roll
Lighter Image :04 Dreammy tones
Magic in the air :22 Funky zappin
Meadows 2:07 Calming articulation
Mellon 1:26 Techy perculating up
Mellow Mood :20 Mellow set-up
Midnight Mission 1:29 Electro-Suspense
More Wonders :12 Active horns
Old Field 1:08 Repetative chiming
On the Lake-2 :30
Party time :15 Club mix funk
Phone in now :16 Quick paced
Playing favorites :14 Soft easy
Plugged in :24 Smooth funk thang
Quick Cut :02 Fast ascend
Quincy :09 Easy-going resolution
Racer's Edge-2 :23
Rave :18 Euro-disco rave
Rave it up :25 Rockin intro
Reggae On :07 Get down jamaican jam
Run Up Ending :07 Fast run up & statement
Scratch It :07 Percussive transition
Scrittish :16 Electro-groove w/hits
Sign Fell :04 Slap bass steps
Sign On :06 Staggerred notes
Ski Jam :07 Mechanical
Slappin Bass :11 Funky spunky
Slinky :18 Electronic beat
Something new :11 Bright light acoustic gtr
Somewhere Beyond :29 Spacey
Sports Scene-2 :30
Stay Tuned :06 2 Harp tones
Stormfront :11 White noise rumbling
Sunglasses :14 Cool finger snappin
Sunrise-2 :07 Revealing swell
Swell :06 Heavenly chord
Talk town :20 Breezy
Tangerine Machine 1:30 Suspenseful Electro-grrove
Tension & Release :21 Horn stabs over suspended
There, Stay Tuned :07 4 Harp tones
This is it :08 Carribean upbeat
Too hot 2 handle :12 Heavy grinding guitar
Top 40 Formula-2 :18
Try Janet-2 :18
Turn it up :14 Wild & wooly
Uh, Oh :03 Zany
We do it for you :15 Mid tempo trans.
What Color Today-2 :16
What time is it :10 Trinidad happy
Yes :04 Climbing hits
You asked for it :16 Afron-carib. rhythm