Library Results for Style "Rock"

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Track Name
A history lesson 2:10 Slow thoughtful
A history lesson-alt 2:11 basic track slow thoughtful
A stone's throw 3:57 Churning acoustic rock
Back to zero 0 Speed, thrash
Blues mystery 3:26 Intriguing soft swing
Boardwalk & Park Place 3:50 Slow blues groove
Change 1:42 Strumming easy determined
Changing Seasons 0 Torrential maelstrom
Conversation with you 1:18 Softly phrased
Don't Cha 0 Upbeat boogie
Down the road 1:47 Breezy bright
Down the road -alt 1:47 basic track breezy bright
Excess in control 3:18 Quick crunch
Excess in control-Alt. 2:02 Quick crunch-basic
Get out of Dodge 4:30 Steady riding
Glad just to be alive 3:49 Galloping rockin
Glad just to be alive-Alt 2:08 Galloping rockin-basic
Gotham City 4:00 Mysterious to propelling
Grace & Glory 3:45 Strong funk grooove
Grace & Glory -Alt 1:07 Strong funk grooove
Hammerfist 0 Searing, fast
Headbanger 3:01 Intense metal
Headbanger-Alt. 2:23 Intense metal-basic
Here's how 2:33 Upbeat electro-acoustic
Here's how Alt 2:33 Upbeat electro-acoustic-basic
Holdin On 0 Grinding, pounding quick
How Bad 3:39 Rockin strong
In the garden 1:29 Gentle rolling
In the garden-alt 1:28 basic track gentle rolling
Indigo dreamscape 3:25 After hours atmosphere
Live at the Roxy 3:22 Spirited,Hearty rock
Living room makeover 1:21 Carefree, enjoyable country
Living room makeover-alt 1:20 basic track carefree country
Loose low pants 2:49 Slinky blues shuffle
Mega tonage 2:57 Heavy duty
Mega tonage-Alt. 1:54 Heavy duty-basic
Old frontier 1:14 Western pickin
On a mission 5:11 Urgent action
On a mission-Alt. 1:39 Urgent action-basic
On Line Info Groove 4:01 upbeat
On Line Info Groove Alt 2:11 w/o lead
Partners Alt 1:28 Light & upbeat
Reaching Critical Mass 4:27 Hard driving
Reaching Critical Mass-Alt 2:24 Hard driving-basic
Revenge 0 Strong, heavy, driving
Rock Steady 3:17 Propelling rock,Urgency
Rock Steady-Alt. 3:17 Propelling rock,Urgency(less guitar)
Rocket Scientist 3:46 Driving perculation
Rocket Scientist-Alt 1:44 w/o strings
Rollerbladin' 3:00 Zany,Light-Hearted,Tubular
Sabre dance again 0 Fast & furious
Saving the Species 3:11 Light
Saving the Species-Alt 2:00 Light
Shootin the Breeze-Alt 1:01 Easy going
Skeedattle 2:57 Snappy, lighthearted
Smokin' Joe 3:05 Earthy funk shuffle
Spartikus 0 Plodding power
Spiral Maze 3:16 Hip vitality,Flashy
Spiral Maze-Alt. 3:16 Hip vitality,Flashy
Steps Ahead 3:00 Cool finesse,Cunning
Strings attached 0 Exciting quick intensity
Sunrise 2:00 Upbeat light playful
Sunset 1:30 Mellow reflection
Sunshine over the 48 2:43 Upbeat breezy strumming
Technocrats 3:05 Electronic,Technical
Technocrats-Alt. 3:05 Electronic,Technical(less solo)
Tell it like it is 4:27 Pop appeal
Tell it like it is-Alt. 3:07 Pop appeal-basic
The Summit 2:25 Digified, important
Toy Soldiers 3:17 Heavy,Treading
Travelin' overland 4:26 Lively, upbeat
Travelin' overland-Alt. 4:26 Lively, upbeat-basic
Virtual Reality 3:11 Intense,Penetrating rock odessey
Waiting for the sun 0 Builds to deliberate, firm strength
What's left of Route 66 2:30 Rolling brisk
What's left of Route 66-alt 2:30 basic track rolling brisk
Work out 1:42 Punchy boogie
Work out-basic 1:50 Punchy boogie-basic
Are we having funk yet? 2:38 Funky energetic fusion
Are we having funk yet?-Alt 2:38 Funky energetic fusion-basic
Blue Skies 3:19 Confident
Blue Skies-Alt 1:20 Confident
Cherokee Chief 4:03 Rockin' intensity
Cherokee Chief-Alt. 2:14 Rockin' intensity(w/o lead gtr)
Hard Ride 3:32 Serious strong
Hard Ride-Alt 1:08 Serious strong
Intelligent Weapon 0 Pulsating, edgy
Partners Light & Upbeat
Sante Fe Trail 5:33 Spirited energetic
Sante Fe Trail Alt 2:44 Spirited
Shrink Rap 3:44 Fanfare open,Heavy
Slapped Silly 2:58 Techno,Electro,Grinding
The Fields of Summer 4:35 laid back
The Fields of Summer-Alt 3:00 laid back
The Terminator 2:41 Searing,Cutting,Powerful
The Terminator-Alt. 1:57 Searing,Cutting,Powerful(w/o lead gtr)
Cinderella 3:17 Heavy,Anthem
Cloud 9 0
Cryin out loud 0 Slow, smashing anthem
Data File 2:17 Lively,Techno-Rock