Library Results for Style "Pop"

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Track Name
A Miracle can Happen 4:07 Light mellow crusing
Across the wide open 5:02 rolling traveling
Be free 3:36 Positive,assertive,light
Being Together 4:52 Slow easy funk
Canyon Ride 5:24 Easy going
Dreamwalker 4:14 Cool reassuring
Fast Time 3:44 Easy to energetic
Golden Fields 3:30 intimate springlike
Hawaii Bound 4:22 Carefree bouncy
Hiking Up North 3:14 Gentle positive pickin
In A Heartbeat 2:29 Melodic and moving
In A Heartbeat Alt 2:10 Melodic and moving
In the Morning 5:48 Lively cheerful
Laguna Nigel 3:20
Lights Out Chicago 3:02 Cool slow
Nightime Sky 4:54 Light easy
Northwest Passages 4:00 Bouncy upbeat
Northwest Passages Alt 4:00 Bouncy upbeat
Now is the time 2:22 Positive driving
Oceanside Highway 4:26 sophisticated crusing
On the Way 2:04 Happy,Lyrical
Out of the box 2:32 Slinky
Sailing Free 5:08 gently swaying
Seven Pools 4:49 Vibrant vocalese
Spring of Joy 4:07 Moving easy
Spring of Joy Alt 4:07 Moving easy
Steep Climb 4:45 Soft easy
Summer Camp 5:07 Bright funky
Sunshine over the 48 2:43 Upbeat breezy strumming
Surprised by Joy 4:22 Melllow -steady affirmative
Tanning Oil Breeze 2:48 Coasting,World beat
Tanning Oil Breeze-Alt 1:00 Coasting,World beat
The optimist 3:01 Moving,confident
Urban Skyline 2:54 Churning midtempo
Wants to be like Mich-Alt 1:54 Upbeat and bright
Wants to be like Michael 3:34 Upbeat and bright
Web Stream 2:16 Fast Urgent intrique
A Mother's Wish 4:22 Mellow
All Creation Sings 4:48 Whimsical nature
B Street 5:01 Easy midtempo
Get Up & Go 2:51 Brisk upbeat
Heart Dance 4:50 Perculating percussive
I-94-Alt 1:09 Hip,Jazz, less instruments
In the moment 3:57 Easy going swaying
Jazzhop 2:14 shuffle
Lake Shore Drive 3:35 Mellow churning groove
Late & Live 2:25 Galloping good time Horn band
Late & Live-Alt 1:15 Galloping good time less instruments
Newborn Excitement 3:21 Excited joy
Off the Chart 4:18 Strong positive
Open House 2:44 Light,Uptempo,Active
Parrallel Lines Intersect 3:02 Smooth Jazzy
Seldom Blue 3:07 flowing melody
The is the day 4:04 Dramatic Bold
Top 40 Formula 2:13 Solid beat,Dancable Horn band
Top 40 Formula-Alt 1:20 Solid beat,Dancable, less instruments
What Color Today 2:12 Soaring,Gliding,Peppy
What Color Today-Alt 1:52 Soaring,Gliding,Peppy, less instruments
What we need 3:57 Easy going ballad
What we need Alt 1:30 Easy going ballad
With the naked eye 3:53 Easy gentle
Wonders of the Season 2:19 Orchestrated,mainstream
Wonders of the Season-Alt 1:29 Orchestrated,mainstream
A Better Mousetrap 1:37 Bouncing,Light
American Made 3:50 Up feelin',Wholesome,Active
American Made-Alt 3:06 Up feelin',Wholesome,Active
Arcade in the Sun 2:54 Bright,Light
Go the Extra Mile 3:40 Easy going,Light
Grant Your Wish 2:29 Bright,Feelin'good
It was Different 3:31 Easy going
Joyful Noise 2:37 Good Natured Swing
Local Hero 2:14 Assertive
Look Over Yonder 3:50 Breezy,Light
Motown Today 2:36 Good time groove
Ocean City 4:19 Good feelin',Light
Ocean City-Alt 1:59 Good feelin',Light
Open Road 3:02 Light,Open spaces
SOS 6:18 Funky
Stax & Volt 3:49 Soulful,Big band
The Bottom Line 1:56 Active
Twelve Thirteen 2:38 Up,Bright
Upward Mobility 2:43 Love Barge
Water Funk 4:12 Rhythmic,Bouncing
Water Sports 2:18 Up,Fun
When You Help 3:40 Touching,Soft,Slow
Windy City Soul 2:56 Soulful,Light,Melodic
Afternoon :22 Upbeat happy intro
Elton Intro :25 Light to bold intro
Get busy :20 Attention getting w/accents
Good friends :20 Smooth shuffle groove
Kick Back Relax :18 Upbeat delightful
Magic in the air :22 Funky zappin
On the Lake-2 :30
What Color Today-2 :16