Library Results for Style "Latin"

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Track Name
Latin Moves 4:59 Spanish intensity
Tanning Oil Breeze 2:48 Coasting,World beat
Tanning Oil Breeze-Alt 1:00 Coasting,World beat
Tropical fun 3:42 Lively, exciting
Big City Dreams 2:05 South of the border, Hispanic
Highway One 3:16 Jazzy,Brazilian
Island Fun 2:48 Carribean,Lively,Fun
Jaman 2:56 Reggae-ized, Carribean Pop
Tropic Beach 2:02 Peppy,Fun,Latin flavor
Boingo :09 Upbeat groovy
Caribbean Trip :08 Hip-hop glide
Fun Funk :15 Good time festive
Goodnight all :10 Reggae
Holiday getaway :17 Fun in the sun
Reggae On :07 Get down jamaican jam
This is it :08 Carribean upbeat
What time is it :10 Trinidad happy
You asked for it :16 Afron-carib. rhythm