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Track Name
Solitude 5:41 Low lonesome
A Miracle can Happen 4:07 Light mellow crusing
Barcelona Street-Alt.2 4:03 Driving but smooth basics
Barcelona Streets 4:03 Driving smooth w/2 alt. Versions
Barcelona Streets-Alt.1 :39 Driving but smooth; no drums
Being Together 4:52 Slow easy funk
California Samba 5:14 Energetic,Hustlin'
California Samba-Alt. 3:43 Energetic,Hustlin'(w/o sax)
Careless Heart 4:42 Mellow,Poignant
Carousel 4:15 Light,Moving
Carousel-Alt. 2:38 Light,Moving(w/o sax/piano solo)
Coastal Breeze 3:34 Chugging cool
Coastal Breeze Alt 3:34 Chugging cool
Cubalibre 4:18 Festive,Good natured
Cubalibre-Alt. 2:59 Festive,Good natured(w/o sax/piano solo)
Dreamwalker 4:14 Cool reassuring
Feelin' Good 5:17 Funky shuffle
Force of gravity 3:23 Soft contemplative
Give and Take 4:25 Up & active w/alt.
Give And Take-Alt. 2:44 Up and active basics
Hawaii Bound 4:22 Carefree bouncy
High Society 4:35 Moving Groove
How Bad 3:39 Rockin strong
In A Heartbeat 2:29 Melodic and moving
In A Heartbeat Alt 2:10 Melodic and moving
In the Morning 5:48 Lively cheerful
Latin Moves-Alt. 2:15 Spanish intensity basics
Lights Out Chicago 3:02 Cool slow
Malibu Drive 4:12 Driving,Smooth & positive
Malibu Drive-Alt. 2:35 Driving,Smooth & positive(w/o sax/gtr solo)
Meditations 4:40 Romantic,Sensitive
Northwest Passages 4:00 Bouncy upbeat
Northwest Passages Alt 4:00 Bouncy upbeat
Now is the time 2:22 Positive driving
NY Special 3:29 Active excitement w/alt.
NY Special-Alt. 1:14 Active excitement basics
Oceanside Highway 4:26 sophisticated crusing
Out of the box 2:32 Slinky
Sailing Free 5:08 gently swaying
San Francisco 4:57 Upbeat international w/alt.
San Francisco-Alt. 4:57 Upbeat International basics
Smokin' Joe 3:05 Earthy funk shuffle
Smooth Sailin' 5:16 Groovin' cool confidence
Smooth Sailin'-Alt. 3:33 Groovin' cool confidence(w/o sax/gtr solo)
So Good 3:43 Positive funk w/alt.
So Good-Alt. 3:43 Slinky, positive funk basics
Spring of Joy 4:07 Moving easy
Spring of Joy Alt 4:07 Moving easy
Summer Camp 5:07 Bright funky
Surprised by Joy 4:22 Melllow -steady affirmative
The Chase 4:51 Quick-paced,Lively
The Chase-Alt. 2:12 Quick-paced,Lively(w/o sax/syth solo)
The More you Get 2:49 Assertive intensity
The need to know 5:05 Slow resolve
Up 'n Adam 4:33 Hip,Spirited
Up 'n Adam-Alt. 2:52 Hip,Spirited(w/o sax/piano solo)
Walkin Soft 4:05 Strollin groove w/alt.
Walkin Soft-Alt. 4:05 Strollin' groove basics
Wants to be like Mich-Alt 1:54 Upbeat and bright
Wants to be like Michael 3:34 Upbeat and bright
Web Stream 2:16 Fast Urgent intrique
B Street 5:01 Easy midtempo
Buying Cycle 2:47 Proud,Good groove
Decade of Victory 2:15 Light latin jazz
Decade of Victory Alt 2:48 Light latin jazz
Dinosaur Strut 3:01 Steady laxidazical Funk groove
Dinosaur Strut-Alt 2:40 Laxidazical Funk groove, less instruments
Flight of the Phoenix 4:44 Mellow to soaring
Flight of the Phoenix-Alt 3:39 Mellow to soaring(w/o sax/piano-gtr solos)
High Roller 3:05 Snappy,Driving clip
High Roller-Alt. 3:05 Snappy,Driving clip(w/o sax/piano solo)
I-94 3:03 Hip,Jazz Sax/band
I-94-Alt 1:09 Hip,Jazz, less instruments
Jazzhop 2:14 shuffle
Late & Live 2:25 Galloping good time Horn band
Late & Live-Alt 1:15 Galloping good time less instruments
Memphis Groove 3:54 Strong,Funky
Memphis Groove-Alt. 2:50 Strong,Funky(w/o sax)
Mr. Smooth 4:20 Cool groove
Mr. Smooth-Alt. 2:14 Cool groove(w/o sax/gtr)
Piazza 3:24 Palpitating,Modernesque Sax
Seasons Change 1:45 Techno samba
Shakin' It 5:15 Bluesy,Good time swing
Shakin' It-Alt. 3:55 Bluesy,Good time swing(w/o sax/gtr)
Southside 3:00 Bluesy good feel
Travelin' to Coast-Alt. 4:25 Smooth sailing(w/o sax/piano-gtr solos)
Travelin' to the Coast 4:58 Smooth sailing
Walkin' & Talkin' 5:32 Light,Easy going
Walkin' & Talkin'-Alt. 2:25 Light,(w/o sax)
What we need 3:57 Easy going ballad
What we need Alt 1:30 Easy going ballad
Each & Every Day 3:17 Sentimental,Light
Every Hometown 3:05 Exuberent,Lively
Goin Home 4:50 Intensely building from free flow to groove
Highway One 3:16 Jazzy,Brazilian
It was Different 3:31 Easy going
Laguna Nigel 2:54 Easy going
Local Hero 2:14 Assertive
Low Tide 4:18 Easy,Light,Romantic,Ballad
Market Share 1:58 Rhythmic,Soulful