Library Results for Style "High-Tech"

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Track Name
An Overview of Strength 3:41 Slow to propelling
Carry it forward 7:52 Uplifting, marching on
Cyber Citizens 3:43 Easy techno-funk
Cybernetics 3:07 Upbeat,Techno-future
Docudrama Report 4:13 Fastbreaking, newsy
Emergency Alert 1:36 Powerful urgency
Exploded View 2:35 Spunky,Lively
Exploded View-Alt. 2:35 Spunky,Lively
Manhattan 3:00 Heavy,Churning,Plodding
On Line Info Groove 4:01 upbeat
On Line Info Groove Alt 2:11 w/o lead
Parrallel Universe 3:44 Positive energetic
Parrallel Universe Alt 1:57 w/o lead
Planet Vector 4:06 Spacious gliding
Planet Vector-Alt 2:35 less effects
Post Modern 3:54 Heavy electronic
Rollerbladin' 3:00 Zany,Light-Hearted,Tubular
Technocrats 3:05 Electronic,Technical
Technocrats-Alt. 3:05 Electronic,Technical(less solo)
Technology to the rescue 4:12 High tech treatment
The Alchemist 4:02 Intriquing
Timeless Mind 4:07 Galloping pulses
Toy Soldiers 3:17 Heavy,Treading
Turn of the Century 3:02 Cool,Intiguing
Up & Running 3:33 Suspense & urgency
Up & Running-Alt 1:10 Basic track
Virtual Reality 3:11 Intense,Penetrating rock odessey
City of Light 4:07 Pulsating,Electronic,Active
Eureka I found it! 2:54 lively jumpin
Lake Shore Drive 3:35 Mellow churning groove
Like Clockwork 3:27 Energy,Eclectiv,Majestic
Meanwhile back at the lab 3:12 Pulsating, driving
One Point Five 4:03 Electric beat
Patent Pending 2:17 Grand,Technical
Power Brokers 4:02 Electronic,Percussive
Proton, Neutron, Hiptron 3:25 funky to upbeat
Technical Center 4:15 Mechanical,Fusion funk
A New Age 2:29 Heavy,Driving,Rockin',Melodic
Futurevision 2:00 Electronic
Get It Out by Friday 3:54 Exciting,Hot
Interactive 2:15 Driving,Puncuated,Techno,Active
Jet Stream 2:56 Floating open,Heavy,Suspenseful
Keynote 3:00 Heavy beat/Powerful/Busy/With Easy breaks
Lunar Landing 3:38 Spacey,Funky
Photogenic 3:42 Minneapolis Funk
Roboticus Botanicus 3:35 Electric,Energized
Snowy Peak 2:31 Percolating,Rhythmic,Funky
Super Conductor 4:43 Electronic,Melodic,Churning
Supply & Demand 4:02 Hustling,Energy
Technology's Our Friend 2:38 Eerie,Electronic
Tommys Frog 2:52 Easy,Electronic
Urgent Delivery 2:39 Forward,Agressive,Lively
Voyager 4:04 Electric,Spacey,Fanfare to pattern
Code Blue 1:30 Electronic,Sequenced Pattern
Expanding Universe :57 Bubbling electronic sequence
FutureLand 1:44 Drifting in cosmic sea
Mellon 1:26 Techy perculating up
Midnight Mission 1:29 Electro-Suspense
Old Field 1:08 Repetative chiming
Somewhere Beyond :29 Spacey
Tangerine Machine 1:30 Suspenseful Electro-grrove