Library Results for Style "Easy List"

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Track Name
Solitude 5:41 Low lonesome
A Small Sacrifice 2:44 Intricate soft piano
As For Us 3:50 Slow sturdy tuneful
Come To Life 2:45 Whistful light
Country Comforts 2:26 Light,Orchestrated
Country Comforts-Alt 1:33 Light,Orchestrated
Cross Country 2:50 Easy Traveling,Scenic
Cross Country-Alt 1:41 Easy Traveling,Scenic
Everyone's Equal 3:49 Gently rolling piano
Family 2:29 Positive light piano
How Will We Know? 3:54 Soft tender
I Remember Well 3:03 Twinkling
In The Presence Greatness 1:56 Lilting happily
It's Up To You 3:46 Quiet moving
Life is good 2:58 Rolling, easy
Lift Your Hearts 2:36 Light piano
Looking Out For The Bears 3:19 Light determined melodic
Mother Earth 3:03 Natural,Pleasant
Mother Earth-Alt 1:29 Natural,Pleasant
On the Lake 2:14 Light,Outdoors
On the Lake-Alt 1:17 Light,Outdoors
Pure Water 4:08 Slowly well stated to trickling
Source of Creativity 2:52 Soft conclusive
Teach Me 2:56 Intimate
The need to know 5:05 Slow resolve
The Voice Within 3:44 Spacious soft
Think unique 3:40 Snappy,happy
Who Can Tell 4:21 Delicate gentle
Window to the Soul 2:38 Minimal light & lutey
A Mother's Wish 4:22 Mellow
Far Away Friends 3:24 Great outdoors,Fresh air
In the moment 3:57 Easy going swaying
Let it shine 3:53 Mellow, soft
With the naked eye 3:53 Easy gentle
A Better Mousetrap 1:37 Bouncing,Light
Airwaves 3:00 Lively
Alpha & Omega 4:44 Reflective thoughtful
Back Roads 2:51 Light,Traveling
Back to Ireland 3:08 Mellow, Soft
Beautiful home 4:02 Lush, pretty
Big City Dreams 2:05 South of the border, Hispanic
Calm energy 4:05 Strong slow determined
Jaman 2:56 Reggae-ized, Carribean Pop
Laguna Nigel 2:54 Easy going
Low Tide 4:18 Easy,Light,Romantic,Ballad
More Than Friends 3:33 Mellow,Easy listening
Promised Land 3:08 Easy,Bold
Promotion 2:22 Light,Kinda Carribean
Soft Sell 3:33 Easy, Outdoorsy, Travel
Still Waters 3:04 Pensive,Pretty ballad
Style & grace 5:01 Soft & easy
This Country 2:33 Traveling,Light,Rural
Tropic Beach 2:02 Peppy,Fun,Latin flavor
True to yourself 2:41 Soft gentle pensive
Work your strengths 4:26 Light but substantial
After this :11 Friendly light transition
Cross Country-2 :21
Mellow Mood :20 Mellow set-up
Playing favorites :14 Soft easy
Something new :11 Bright light acoustic gtr
Talk town :20 Breezy
We do it for you :15 Mid tempo trans.