Library Results for Style "Corporate"

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Track Name
Advance-Decline 2:59 Emphatic & sturdy
Advance-Decline Alt 1:59 Emphatic & sturdy
Artisans at Work 3:35 Cinematic,Orchestral
Artisans at Work-Alt. 1:21 Cinematic,Orchestral
Big Victory 3:05 Triumphant,Forwardness
Chesterton 3:05 Unleashed power
Chesterton Alt 2:32 Unleashed power
Donegal 3:09 Urgency & dignity
Donegal Alt 2:23 Urgency & dignity
Face the Challenge 2:48 Strong,Active,Suspenseful
Face the Challenge-Alt. 1:39 Same as above,Less orchestration
Fast Moves 2:11 Quick cut,Competitive, Orchestration
Fast Moves-Alt 1:35 Quick cut,Competitive, less instruments
Global View 3:05 Intrique, allure, intensity
Global View Alt 1:11 Intrique, allure, intensity
Higher Ground 3:02 Scaling energetic heights
Higher Ground Alt 2:12 Scaling energetic heights
Living Every Moment-Alt 1:36 Lively,Brisk,Less brass
Living for Every Moment 5:09 Lively,Upbeat,Contemporary
Phenomena 3:10 Riveting exciting
Phenomena Alt 3:10 Riveting exciting
Pick Up Speed 2:52 Easy pace to propelling
Pick Up Speed Alt 1:30 Easy pace to propelling
Racer's Edge 2:44 Dynamic,Exciting Orchestration
Racer's Edge-Alt 1:23 Dynamic,Exciting, less instruments
Rise to the Challenge 3:00 Strong but pleasant
Rise to the Challenge Alt 3:00 Strong but pleasant
Royal Resolution 2:50 Graceful refined
Royal Resolution Alt 1:11 Graceful refined
Santa Barbara 3:05 Bright compelling
Santa Barbara Alt 1:50 Bright compelling
Sell the Phisz-Alt. 1:14 Driving,Punctuating
System Thinking 3:09 Light to deliberate & up
System Thinking Alt 1:56 Light to deliberate & up
Tribute to a Hero 3:02 Solmen pride
Triple Threat 3:48 Prestigious,Orchestral
Uncommon Times 4:58 Dynamic,Challenging
Uncommon Times-Alt. 1:31 Same as above,Less brass
Around the Bend 3:32 Cruising,Light
Awards Show 4:50 Gala,Middle-Bold
Awards Show-Alt 4:13 Gala,Middle-Bold
Chemical Reaction 4:10 High energy
Competitive Advantage 3:15 Firm & confident
Crossing Time Zones :51 Orchestrated groove
Crossing Time Zones Alt :51 Orchestrated groove
Let's put our minds to it 3:01 Energetic,Contemporary
Let's put our minds-Alt. 1:52 Same as above,Less drums
No pain, No gain 2:37 Uptempo,Striving,Determined
No pain, No gain-Alt. 1:28 Striving,Determined,Less brass
On Time Delivery 4:29 Fast action
On Time Delivery-Alt 1:48 Fast action
Proving Grounds 2:12 Driving/Grand
Proving Grounds Alt 2:09 Driving/Grand
Strategic Plan 3:40 Bouncing,Moving
Top 40 Formula 2:13 Solid beat,Dancable Horn band
Top 40 Formula-Alt 1:20 Solid beat,Dancable, less instruments
What Color Today 2:12 Soaring,Gliding,Peppy
What Color Today-Alt 1:52 Soaring,Gliding,Peppy, less instruments
When you take a stand 3:04 Bold Strong
Wonders of the Season 2:19 Orchestrated,mainstream
Wonders of the Season-Alt 1:29 Orchestrated,mainstream
A Cut Above 2:28 Building,Soaring,Grand
American Made 3:50 Up feelin',Wholesome,Active
American Made-Alt 3:06 Up feelin',Wholesome,Active
Beating Quota 2:18 Bold,Up
Breakthrough 2:48 Stirring,Dramatic
Corporate Culture 4:27 Solumn open to Breezy body & climbing close
Drivetime 3:26 Driving Active
Front Page 2:18 Active,Lively,Mainstream
Magnificent Mile 3:25 Active, Lively
Quantum Leap 2:08 Western,Grand,Rural
Return on Inspiration 3:18 Building,Active,Tension
The Saints 2:07 Upbeat positive
Upward Mobility 2:43 Love Barge
Well Done 1:44 Strong,Active,Galloping
Winning Image 2:55 Dynamic
Racer's Edge-2 :23