Library Results for Style "Americana"

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Track Name
A history lesson 2:10 Slow thoughtful
A history lesson-alt 2:11 basic track slow thoughtful
A stone's throw 3:57 Churning acoustic rock
Across the wide open 5:02 rolling traveling
Be free 3:36 Positive,assertive,light
Change 1:42 Strumming easy determined
Country Comforts 2:26 Light,Orchestrated
Country Comforts-Alt 1:33 Light,Orchestrated
Cross Country 2:50 Easy Traveling,Scenic
Cross Country-Alt 1:41 Easy Traveling,Scenic
Down the road 1:47 Breezy bright
Down the road -alt 1:47 basic track breezy bright
Flying West 2:43 Rockin,Western,Kickin'
Get out of Dodge 4:30 Steady riding
Golden Fields 3:30 intimate springlike
Hiking Up North 3:14 Gentle positive pickin
In the garden 1:29 Gentle rolling
In the garden-alt 1:28 basic track gentle rolling
Life is good 2:58 Rolling, easy
Living room makeover 1:21 Carefree, enjoyable country
Living room makeover-alt 1:20 basic track carefree country
Mother Earth 3:03 Natural,Pleasant
Mother Earth-Alt 1:29 Natural,Pleasant
Old frontier 1:14 Western pickin
On the Lake 2:14 Light,Outdoors
On the Lake-Alt 1:17 Light,Outdoors
Partners Alt 1:28 Light & upbeat
Ramblin thru the Smokies 2:50 Country acoustic,Rolling
Saving the Species 3:11 Light
Saving the Species-Alt 2:00 Light
Shootin the Breeze-Alt 1:01 Easy going
Skeedattle 2:57 Snappy, lighthearted
Sunrise 2:00 Upbeat light playful
Sunset 1:30 Mellow reflection
Think unique 3:40 Snappy,happy
Travelin' Light 3:09 Mod. country,Moving
Travelin' Light-Alt 2:14 Mod. country,Moving
What's left of Route 66 2:30 Rolling brisk
What's left of Route 66-alt 2:30 basic track rolling brisk
Wheels Beat Walkin' 2:26 Light,Breezy,Bouncing
Blue Skies 3:19 Confident
Blue Skies-Alt 1:20 Confident
Far Away Friends 3:24 Great outdoors,Fresh air
Hard Ride 3:32 Serious strong
Hard Ride-Alt 1:08 Serious strong
Morning in Snowmass 3:23 Outdoors ,Mellow,Rural
Partners Light & Upbeat
Sante Fe Trail 5:33 Spirited energetic
Sante Fe Trail Alt 2:44 Spirited
Seldom Blue 3:07 flowing melody
The Fields of Summer 4:35 laid back
The Fields of Summer-Alt 3:00 laid back
Autumn 3:11 Serene,Beautiful,Soft
Back Roads 2:51 Light,Traveling
Do what you like 3:02 Bluesy easy
Do what you like-Alt 1:47 Bluesy easy
Doo Wah 2:30 Light-hearted
Doo Wah-Alt 1:29 Light-hearted
I Believed 4:04 Confident quiet strength
Life Cycles 3:23 bright & breezy
Life Cylcles-Alt 2:02 bright & breezy
Natural History 3:43 Slow Earnest
Point of View 2:28 Light,Rural atmosphere
River Song 1:22 Poignant, sensitive, sad
Shootin the Breeze 3:08 Easy going
A Day in the Country 5:37 Mellow
A Day in the Country Alt2 1:39 mellow
A Day in the Country-Alt 2:27 mellow
Natural History-Alt 1:18 Slow Earnest