Library Results for Mood "Upbeat"

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Track Name
Barcelona Street-Alt.2 4:03 Driving but smooth basics
Barcelona Streets 4:03 Driving smooth w/2 alt. Versions
Barcelona Streets-Alt.1 :39 Driving but smooth; no drums
Be free 3:36 Positive,assertive,light
California Samba 5:14 Energetic,Hustlin'
California Samba-Alt. 3:43 Energetic,Hustlin'(w/o sax)
Carousel 4:15 Light,Moving
Carousel-Alt. 2:38 Light,Moving(w/o sax/piano solo)
Cubalibre 4:18 Festive,Good natured
Cubalibre-Alt. 2:59 Festive,Good natured(w/o sax/piano solo)
Flying West 2:43 Rockin,Western,Kickin'
Give and Take 4:25 Up & active w/alt.
Give And Take-Alt. 2:44 Up and active basics
Glad just to be alive 3:49 Galloping rockin
Glad just to be alive-Alt 2:08 Galloping rockin-basic
Hawaii Bound 4:22 Carefree bouncy
Here's how 2:33 Upbeat electro-acoustic
Here's how Alt 2:33 Upbeat electro-acoustic-basic
In A Heartbeat 2:29 Melodic and moving
In A Heartbeat Alt 2:10 Melodic and moving
In the Morning 5:48 Lively cheerful
Live at the Roxy 3:22 Spirited,Hearty rock
Living Every Moment-Alt 1:36 Lively,Brisk,Less brass
Living for Every Moment 5:09 Lively,Upbeat,Contemporary
Living for Every Moment 2:49 Brisk,Lively
Malibu Drive 4:12 Driving,Smooth & positive
Malibu Drive-Alt. 2:35 Driving,Smooth & positive(w/o sax/gtr solo)
Mozart Sonata K-333 5:33 Bright,Intricate
Now is the time 2:22 Positive driving
NY Special 3:29 Active excitement w/alt.
NY Special-Alt. 1:14 Active excitement basics
On Line Info Groove 4:01 upbeat
On Line Info Groove Alt 2:11 w/o lead
On the Way 2:04 Happy,Lyrical
Partners Alt 1:28 Light & upbeat
Sell the Phisz 3:49 Driving,Punctuating
Sell the Phisz-Alt. 1:14 Driving,Punctuating
Seven Pools 4:49 Vibrant vocalese
Shifting the Paradigm 3:12 Confident,Involving
Smooth Sailin' 5:16 Groovin' cool confidence
Smooth Sailin'-Alt. 3:33 Groovin' cool confidence(w/o sax/gtr solo)
Sunshine over the 48 2:43 Upbeat breezy strumming
Tell it like it is 4:27 Pop appeal
Tell it like it is-Alt. 3:07 Pop appeal-basic
The More you Get 2:49 Assertive intensity
The optimist 3:01 Moving,confident
The Whole World Watches 3:51 Punchy, challenging
Think unique 3:40 Snappy,happy
Travelin' Light 3:09 Mod. country,Moving
Travelin' Light-Alt 2:14 Mod. country,Moving
Travelin' overland 4:26 Lively, upbeat
Travelin' overland-Alt. 4:26 Lively, upbeat-basic
Tropical fun 3:42 Lively, exciting
Up 'n Adam 4:33 Hip,Spirited
Up 'n Adam-Alt. 2:52 Hip,Spirited(w/o sax/piano solo)
Wants to be like Mich-Alt 1:54 Upbeat and bright
Wants to be like Michael 3:34 Upbeat and bright
Wheels Beat Walkin' 2:26 Light,Breezy,Bouncing
Awards Show 4:50 Gala,Middle-Bold
Awards Show-Alt 4:13 Gala,Middle-Bold
Blue Skies 3:19 Confident
Blue Skies-Alt 1:20 Confident
Buying Cycle 2:47 Proud,Good groove
City of Light 4:07 Pulsating,Electronic,Active
Forest Funk 1:10 Driving brass & strings
Forest Funk Alt 3:05 Driving brass & strings
Get Up & Go 2:51 Brisk upbeat
Heart Dance 4:50 Perculating percussive
High Roller 3:05 Snappy,Driving clip
High Roller-Alt. 3:05 Snappy,Driving clip(w/o sax/piano solo)
I-94 3:03 Hip,Jazz Sax/band
I-94-Alt 1:09 Hip,Jazz, less instruments
Let's put our minds to it 3:01 Energetic,Contemporary
Let's put our minds-Alt. 1:52 Same as above,Less drums
Newborn Excitement 3:21 Excited joy
Open House 2:44 Light,Uptempo,Active
Partners Light & Upbeat
Sante Fe Trail 5:33 Spirited energetic
Sante Fe Trail Alt 2:44 Spirited
Southside 3:00 Bluesy good feel
Strategic Plan 3:40 Bouncing,Moving
Top 40 Formula 2:13 Solid beat,Dancable Horn band
Top 40 Formula-Alt 1:20 Solid beat,Dancable, less instruments
Travelin' to Coast-Alt. 4:25 Smooth sailing(w/o sax/piano-gtr solos)
Travelin' to the Coast 4:58 Smooth sailing
Universal Language 2:50 Contemporary,Intensity
Universal Language-Alt 2:39 Contemporary,Intensity, less instruments
What Color Today 2:12 Soaring,Gliding,Peppy
What Color Today-Alt 1:52 Soaring,Gliding,Peppy, less instruments
Wonders of the Season 2:19 Orchestrated,mainstream
Wonders of the Season-Alt 1:29 Orchestrated,mainstream
Airwaves 3:00 Lively
American Made 3:50 Up feelin',Wholesome,Active
American Made-Alt 3:06 Up feelin',Wholesome,Active
Back Roads 2:51 Light,Traveling
Beating Quota 2:18 Bold,Up
Doo Wah 2:30 Light-hearted
Doo Wah-Alt 1:29 Light-hearted
Drivetime 3:26 Driving Active
Every Hometown 3:05 Exuberent,Lively