Library Results for Mood "Romantic"

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Track Name
Careless Heart 4:42 Mellow,Poignant
Carol 2:35 Grandeur,Beauty,Panoramic
How Will We Know? 3:54 Soft tender
It's Up To You 3:46 Quiet moving
Meditations 4:40 Romantic,Sensitive
A Mother's Wish 4:22 Mellow
Rekindled 2:45 Romantic,Airy
The eyes have it 4:04 Poignant soft
Back to Ireland 3:08 Mellow, Soft
Be 2:44 Soft,Gentle,Lullaby
Beautiful home 4:02 Lush, pretty
Each & Every Day 3:17 Sentimental,Light
Great Plains 4:54 Pastoral,Romantic,Spingtime
Still Waters 3:04 Pensive,Pretty ballad
Style & grace 5:01 Soft & easy
When You Help 3:40 Touching,Soft,Slow
For all the Right Reasons 3:04 Wistful,Romantic