Library Results for Mood "Mysterious"

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Track Name
Archeology 2:46 Exotic,Rhythmic,mystery
Evolution 4:00 Exotic sonic textures
Evolution Alt 3:20 w/o lead
Gotham City 4:00 Mysterious to propelling
Heaven and Earth :33 Suspended airy with punctual punches
King of Kings 3:58 We 3 kings with sulllen underscore
Post Modern 3:54 Heavy electronic
The Alchemist 4:02 Intriquing
The sorcery brews 1:20
Turn of the Century 3:02 Cool,Intiguing
Virtual Reality 3:11 Intense,Penetrating rock odessey
Circles 2:11 Smooth,New age pattern
Mist & fog 4:45 Strong slow
Proton, Neutron, Hiptron 3:25 funky to upbeat
When all is said & done 5:11 Moody jazz
Winds of Tibet 4:26 Exotic pulsating
Birds 1:13 mysterious seascape
Candles and Mirrors 4:23 Meandering,Hypnotic
Canyon Ghost Town 1:44 Solemn,Haunting,Peaceful,Outdoors
Prehistoric Land 3:36 Ominous,Free-flowing,African,Acoustic
So Munich 0 Dark, grinding power
Technology's Our Friend 2:38 Eerie,Electronic
The unknown 1:20 Tension & suspense
Voyager 4:04 Electric,Spacey,Fanfare to pattern
Desert Oasis 4:18 Mystery,Tribulations