Library Results for Mood "Leisurely"

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Track Name
A Miracle can Happen 4:07 Light mellow crusing
Being Together 4:52 Slow easy funk
Golden Fields 3:30 intimate springlike
Life is good 2:58 Rolling, easy
Nightime Sky 4:54 Light easy
Sailing Free 5:08 gently swaying
Shootin the Breeze-Alt 1:01 Easy going
So Good 3:43 Positive funk w/alt.
So Good-Alt. 3:43 Slinky, positive funk basics
Summer Camp 5:07 Bright funky
Urban Skyline 2:54 Churning midtempo
Walkin Soft 4:05 Strollin groove w/alt.
Walkin Soft-Alt. 4:05 Strollin' groove basics
The Fields of Summer 4:35 laid back
The Fields of Summer-Alt 3:00 laid back
Walkin' & Talkin' 5:32 Light,Easy going
Walkin' & Talkin'-Alt. 2:25 Light,(w/o sax)
What we need 3:57 Easy going ballad
What we need Alt 1:30 Easy going ballad
With the naked eye 3:53 Easy gentle
Big City Dreams 2:05 South of the border, Hispanic
God knows 0
It was Different 3:31 Easy going
Promotion 2:22 Light,Kinda Carribean
Shootin the Breeze 3:08 Easy going
Soft Sell 3:33 Easy, Outdoorsy, Travel
A Day in the Country 5:37 Mellow
A Day in the Country Alt2 1:39 mellow
A Day in the Country-Alt 2:27 mellow