Library Results for Mood "Energetic"

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Track Name
Advance-Decline 2:59 Emphatic & sturdy
Advance-Decline Alt 1:59 Emphatic & sturdy
Back to zero 0 Speed, thrash
Carry it forward 7:52 Uplifting, marching on
Cruising 2:01
Docudrama Report 4:13 Fastbreaking, newsy
Don't Cha 0 Upbeat boogie
Exploded View 2:35 Spunky,Lively
Exploded View-Alt. 2:35 Spunky,Lively
Face the Challenge 2:48 Strong,Active,Suspenseful
Face the Challenge-Alt. 1:39 Same as above,Less orchestration
Genesis 1:29 Sailing smooth tone with rushing undercurrent
Hammerfist 0 Searing, fast
Higher Ground 3:02 Scaling energetic heights
Higher Ground Alt 2:12 Scaling energetic heights
Holdin On 0 Grinding, pounding quick
How Bad 3:39 Rockin strong
Now is the time 2:22 Positive driving
NY Special 3:29 Active excitement w/alt.
Phenomena 3:10 Riveting exciting
Phenomena Alt 3:10 Riveting exciting
Rise to the Challenge 3:00 Strong but pleasant
Rise to the Challenge Alt 3:00 Strong but pleasant
Rock Steady 3:17 Propelling rock,Urgency
Rock Steady-Alt. 3:17 Propelling rock,Urgency(less guitar)
Rollerbladin' 3:00 Zany,Light-Hearted,Tubular
Sabre dance again 0 Fast & furious
Santa Barbara 3:05 Bright compelling
Santa Barbara Alt 1:50 Bright compelling
Spiral Maze 3:16 Hip vitality,Flashy
Spiral Maze-Alt. 3:16 Hip vitality,Flashy
Sports Final 4:03 Fast energetic
Strings attached 0 Exciting quick intensity
Technocrats 3:05 Electronic,Technical
Technocrats-Alt. 3:05 Electronic,Technical(less solo)
The Chase 4:51 Quick-paced,Lively
The Chase-Alt. 2:12 Quick-paced,Lively(w/o sax/syth solo)
Thunderin' Herd 3:01 Grand,Orchestrated
Thunderin' Herd-Alt 2:24 Grand,Orchestrated
Timeless Mind 4:07 Galloping pulses
Up & Running 3:33 Suspense & urgency
Up & Running-Alt 1:10 Basic track
Web Stream 2:16 Fast Urgent intrique
Work out 1:42 Punchy boogie
Work out-basic 1:50 Punchy boogie-basic
Athletic Ability 2:39 Surging,Positive workout
Chemical Reaction 4:10 High energy
Cherokee Chief 4:03 Rockin' intensity
Cherokee Chief-Alt. 2:14 Rockin' intensity(w/o lead gtr)
Crossing Time Zones :51 Orchestrated groove
Crossing Time Zones Alt :51 Orchestrated groove
Fast Lane 2:29 Hustling, urgent
Fast Lane Alt 1:03 Hustling, urgent
Flight of the Phoenix 4:44 Mellow to soaring
Flight of the Phoenix-Alt 3:39 Mellow to soaring(w/o sax/piano-gtr solos)
Go Figure 1:47 Get down kickin
Go Figure Alt 2:31 Get down kickin
Hard Ride 3:32 Serious strong
Hard Ride-Alt 1:08 Serious strong
High Roller 3:05 Snappy,Driving clip
High Roller-Alt. 3:05 Snappy,Driving clip(w/o sax/piano solo)
Intelligent Weapon 0 Pulsating, edgy
Late & Live 2:25 Galloping good time Horn band
Late & Live-Alt 1:15 Galloping good time less instruments
Nothing but spunk 2:31 Energetic, funk
Nothing but spunk Alt 1:18 Energetic, funk
On Time Delivery 4:29 Fast action
On Time Delivery-Alt 1:48 Fast action
Piazza 3:24 Palpitating,Modernesque Sax
Ride the Bullet 3:22 Powerful,Bold,Zooming
Sante Fe Trail 5:33 Spirited energetic
Sante Fe Trail Alt 2:44 Spirited
Seasons Change 1:45 Techno samba
Shakin' It 5:15 Bluesy,Good time swing
Shakin' It-Alt. 3:55 Bluesy,Good time swing(w/o sax/gtr)
Slapped Silly 2:58 Techno,Electro,Grinding
Sports Scene 3:05 Hot,Drilling,Gutsy Sax/band
Sports Scene-Alt 1:55 Hot,Drilling,Gutsy, less instruments
Technical Center 4:15 Mechanical,Fusion funk
Try Janet 2:13 Spirited,Rhythmic,Dance
Wake-Up 3:03 Delightful,Dancable,R&B
When you take a stand 3:04 Bold Strong
A New Age 2:29 Heavy,Driving,Rockin',Melodic
Breakthrough 2:48 Stirring,Dramatic
Data File 2:17 Lively,Techno-Rock
Get It Out by Friday 3:54 Exciting,Hot
Goin Home 4:50 Intensely building from free flow to groove
Industrial Rock 4:37 Droning open,Heavy,Thumping,Mid-Smooth jazz
Interactive 2:15 Driving,Puncuated,Techno,Active
Keynote 3:00 Heavy beat/Powerful/Busy/With Easy breaks
Lunar Landing 3:38 Spacey,Funky
Roboticus Botanicus 3:35 Electric,Energized
Snowy Peak 2:31 Percolating,Rhythmic,Funky
Supply & Demand 4:02 Hustling,Energy
The Great Sea 2:01 Building energy
Tropic Beach 2:02 Peppy,Fun,Latin flavor
Urgent Delivery 2:39 Forward,Agressive,Lively
Water Sports 2:18 Up,Fun
Well Done 1:44 Strong,Active,Galloping