Library Results for Mood "Breezy"

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Track Name
A Miracle can Happen 4:07 Light mellow crusing
Across the wide open 5:02 rolling traveling
Be free 3:36 Positive,assertive,light
Coastal Breeze 3:34 Chugging cool
Coastal Breeze Alt 3:34 Chugging cool
Country Comforts 2:26 Light,Orchestrated
Country Comforts-Alt 1:33 Light,Orchestrated
Cross Country 2:50 Easy Traveling,Scenic
Cross Country-Alt 1:41 Easy Traveling,Scenic
Dreamwalker 4:14 Cool reassuring
Hiking Up North 3:14 Gentle positive pickin
In A Heartbeat 2:29 Melodic and moving
In A Heartbeat Alt 2:10 Melodic and moving
Life is good 2:58 Rolling, easy
Living for Every Moment 2:49 Brisk,Lively
Nightime Sky 4:54 Light easy
Northwest Passages 4:00 Bouncy upbeat
Northwest Passages Alt 4:00 Bouncy upbeat
Oceanside Highway 4:26 sophisticated crusing
On the Lake 2:14 Light,Outdoors
On the Lake-Alt 1:17 Light,Outdoors
Ramblin thru the Smokies 2:50 Country acoustic,Rolling
Saving the Species 3:11 Light
Saving the Species-Alt 2:00 Light
Spring of Joy 4:07 Moving easy
Spring of Joy Alt 4:07 Moving easy
Summer Camp 5:07 Bright funky
Tanning Oil Breeze 2:48 Coasting,World beat
Tanning Oil Breeze-Alt 1:00 Coasting,World beat
The Work will Teach 3:19 Light,Engaging
Think unique 3:40 Snappy,happy
Wants to be like Mich-Alt 1:54 Upbeat and bright
Wants to be like Michael 3:34 Upbeat and bright
Window to the Soul 2:38 Minimal light & lutey
Around the Bend 3:32 Cruising,Light
B Street 5:01 Easy midtempo
Far Away Friends 3:24 Great outdoors,Fresh air
In the moment 3:57 Easy going swaying
Kid Stuff 3:14 Whimsical,Peppy
Mr. Smooth 4:20 Cool groove
Mr. Smooth-Alt. 2:14 Cool groove(w/o sax/gtr)
Seldom Blue 3:07 flowing melody
The Fields of Summer 4:35 laid back
The Fields of Summer-Alt 3:00 laid back
Travelin' to Coast-Alt. 4:25 Smooth sailing(w/o sax/piano-gtr solos)
Travelin' to the Coast 4:58 Smooth sailing
Walkin' & Talkin' 5:32 Light,Easy going
Walkin' & Talkin'-Alt. 2:25 Light,(w/o sax)
What we need 3:57 Easy going ballad
What we need Alt 1:30 Easy going ballad
Arcade in the Sun 2:54 Bright,Light
Corporate Culture 4:27 Solumn open to Breezy body & climbing close
Do what you like 3:02 Bluesy easy
Do what you like-Alt 1:47 Bluesy easy
Each & Every Day 3:17 Sentimental,Light
Go the Extra Mile 3:40 Easy going,Light
Grant Your Wish 2:29 Bright,Feelin'good
Jaman 2:56 Reggae-ized, Carribean Pop
Life Cycles 3:23 bright & breezy
Life Cylcles-Alt 2:02 bright & breezy
Lizzy's Dream 3:29 Softy running
Look Over Yonder 3:50 Breezy,Light
Morning Sun 2:09 Concerted wandering
Mr. Balloon Bounce 2:58 Folksy,Country guitar
Point of View 2:28 Light,Rural atmosphere
Soft Sell 3:33 Easy, Outdoorsy, Travel
This Country 2:33 Traveling,Light,Rural
To Be With You 3:29 Light and assuring
Water Funk 4:12 Rhythmic,Bouncing
Windy City Soul 2:56 Soulful,Light,Melodic
Bearnie the Bear 3:38 Cute breezy shuffle
Bearnie the Bear-Alt 2:40 Cute breezy shuffle