Library Results for Mood "Bold"

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Track Name
Big Victory 3:05 Triumphant,Forwardness
Champions 2:47
Chesterton 3:05 Unleashed power
Chesterton Alt 2:32 Unleashed power
Created in His Image 1:53 Quiet & gentle with bold undertone
Face the Challenge 2:48 Strong,Active,Suspenseful
Face the Challenge-Alt. 1:39 Same as above,Less orchestration
Fast Moves 2:11 Quick cut,Competitive, Orchestration
Fast Moves-Alt 1:35 Quick cut,Competitive, less instruments
Heavy battle to dawn 1:54
Here's how 2:33 Upbeat electro-acoustic
Higher Ground 3:02 Scaling energetic heights
Higher Ground Alt 2:12 Scaling energetic heights
Olympic Torch 1:32 Rousing, driving
Overcomers 2:05
Racer's Edge 2:44 Dynamic,Exciting Orchestration
Racer's Edge-Alt 1:23 Dynamic,Exciting, less instruments
Rise to the Challenge 3:00 Strong but pleasant
Rise to the Challenge Alt 3:00 Strong but pleasant
Rock Steady 3:17 Propelling rock,Urgency
Rock Steady-Alt. 3:17 Propelling rock,Urgency(less guitar)
Sound of the trumpets 3:00 Dramatic soaring to challenging
Spartikus 0 Plodding power
System Thinking 3:09 Light to deliberate & up
System Thinking Alt 1:56 Light to deliberate & up
The Charge 1:34 Bold, confident
The Pinnacle Retrospect 2:46 Resolute,Confident,Uptempo
The Whole World Watches 3:51 Punchy, challenging
Triple Threat 3:48 Prestigious,Orchestral
Uncommon Times 4:58 Dynamic,Challenging
Uncommon Times-Alt. 1:31 Same as above,Less brass
Waiting for the sun 0 Builds to deliberate, firm strength
Kings Ride In 3:51 Fanfare,Majestic,Triumph
No pain, No gain 2:37 Uptempo,Striving,Determined
No pain, No gain-Alt. 1:28 Striving,Determined,Less brass
On Time Delivery 4:29 Fast action
On Time Delivery-Alt 1:48 Fast action
Power Brokers 4:02 Electronic,Percussive
Proving Grounds 2:12 Driving/Grand
Proving Grounds Alt 2:09 Driving/Grand
Shrink Rap 3:44 Fanfare open,Heavy
The is the day 4:04 Dramatic Bold
The Terminator 2:41 Searing,Cutting,Powerful
The Terminator-Alt. 1:57 Searing,Cutting,Powerful(w/o lead gtr)
Top 40 Formula 2:13 Solid beat,Dancable Horn band
Top 40 Formula-Alt 1:20 Solid beat,Dancable, less instruments
Universal Language 2:50 Contemporary,Intensity
Universal Language-Alt 2:39 Contemporary,Intensity, less instruments
Adventures 2:45 Triumphant excitement
Beating Quota 2:18 Bold,Up
Joyful 3:19 Quick cut energy
Keynote 3:00 Heavy beat/Powerful/Busy/With Easy breaks
Mission Statement 3:39 Strong,Plodding
Return on Inspiration 3:18 Building,Active,Tension
Rivers 0 Churning slow power
The Getaway 1:52 Intrique Powerful
The Great Sea 2:01 Building energy
The Saints 2:07 Upbeat positive
Total Impact 2:45 Heavy groove with orchestration