Library Results for Mood "Aggressive"

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Track Name
Back to zero 0 Speed, thrash
Changing Seasons 0 Torrential maelstrom
Donegal 3:09 Urgency & dignity
Donegal Alt 2:23 Urgency & dignity
Excess in control 3:18 Quick crunch
Excess in control-Alt. 2:02 Quick crunch-basic
Expresso 3:42
Hammerfist 0 Searing, fast
Headbanger 3:01 Intense metal
Headbanger-Alt. 2:23 Intense metal-basic
Mega tonage 2:57 Heavy duty
Mega tonage-Alt. 1:54 Heavy duty-basic
On a mission 5:11 Urgent action
On a mission-Alt. 1:39 Urgent action-basic
Reaching Critical Mass 4:27 Hard driving
Reaching Critical Mass-Alt 2:24 Hard driving-basic
Revenge 0 Strong, heavy, driving
Strings attached 0 Exciting quick intensity
Work out 1:42 Punchy boogie
Work out-basic 1:50 Punchy boogie-basic
Cherokee Chief 4:03 Rockin' intensity
Cherokee Chief-Alt. 2:14 Rockin' intensity(w/o lead gtr)
The Acquisition Defense 4:22 Suspenseful
The Terminator 2:41 Searing,Cutting,Powerful
The Terminator-Alt. 1:57 Searing,Cutting,Powerful(w/o lead gtr)