Signature Music offers an extensive and diverse catalog of published music, appropriate for all forms of media projects. We have instrumental tracks within the "search library " to get a audition by style, mood and volume. On-Demand purchase & download of instrumental themes are available on this website, browse now.

We also have some vocal themes that are available by select per-special project basis. Contact us at info@sigmusic.com.

Jazz Legend Pat Metheny Lyric'ed Song
Ready to Sync

Pat Metheny Music with Bill Mullin Lyrics make "MOVING DAY" a dramatic, emotional story song. Available for select media licensing by negotiation, this will serve any theme of leaving home, ending a relationship or moving on. By itself, it could serve as a title theme. If this song does not move you, check your pulse!

Snoop Dog "Young, Wild & Free" based on
Max Bennet song

Max Bennett, famous session player and member of the LA Express with Tom Scott, along with Joni Mitchell's band had the good fortune of having one of his songs used as the basis of the international hit by the rapper Snoop Dog. Signature takes it to the max with over 20 songs in our catalog to license.

Amazing Amusement Series

Composer Spotlight- Johnnie Key develops series called Amazing Amusement. Ideal for program application with categories ranging from Action, Drama, High Energy, World, Blues, Suspense and more. Undoubtedly one of the most prolific writers in the catalog, Johnnie also produced a prior collection "Groove Approved".