Welcome to Significant Music which, with the group owner Significance, Inc. manages the properties of Signature Music Library, Win/Win Publishing BMI, Mullin Over Music ASCAP and ZatJazz records, with additional assigned publishing administration for various publishers and composers.

Originating in 1984 as Signature Music Library, the catalog has published and provided an extensive and diverse collection of mostly instrumental music, appropriate for all forms of media projects. Signature is thankful to have served thousands of music supervisors, film or video producers, multi-media developers, recording studio engineers, sound designers, post-production editors, radio, TV or cable production mavens. We made licensing for media productions easy.

From feature movies, like the Pelican Brief & Wyatt Earp to the every day commercial application, our several thousand titles, produced in house and acquired from associate producers, still serves our licensees. Today our broad licensing is limited. Only select clients for new licensing are served, so we recommend you contact Signature Tracks for everyday licensing needs for your media productions.

We have relocated from California to Kansas City to develop special projects in artist resources and block chain technology applications as part of the Significance group.

spans pandemic production

At a time where live music production by gathering in a recording studio is very limited, this new project spans the miles with coastal tracking. It is groove approved.